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Why the pros stay with us?

The original and still best ...

There is a very good reason why most of the top pro skaters and amateurs  in the world, when visiting Morocco for shoots, or just on holiday, are recommended by their peers to stay with Tamara skateshop .
The reason being: there is no one who knows this coastline quite like us. Most of the great pics you see in the mags or on DVDs are brought to you because we know where to look, and will guarantee to score the best skate spots, and the key is timing and planning.

We will make sure we get you to the skate  at the right time and the right spot!
On average, even in this crowded day and age, we skate  alone approximately 70% of the time. There is nothing quite like sharing a line up with just you and your mates.
For various reasons, and not to state the obvious, we cannot disclose where some of these spots are. We can, however, guarantee that if you stay with us there is a very good chance you may end up surfing one!
If you would like to see the pros in action whilst staying with us in Morocco please check out some of those Magazins

Pros : Jerri hsu ;
 kenny reed ;
chad muska
jack saback,
Sam Partaix
Hugo Liard
Gabriel Engelke
Dallas rockvam

Amateurs : Mathieu dupuy, Adrien coilard , Mathieu dupanuloup , Bastien duverdier, Danijel Jugga Stankovic, Joachim Fromant, Kuba Bączkowski ,Alexis greusard , JJP,victor pelligrin ,Joseph biais
Teams : Dc team europe, Obscesion shop slovenia, Doble skateboards europe, Nike sb europe ,Team Antiz ,VANS ITALY